What Reflex Integration Is All About

The MNRI Approach ​ The Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration Program is based on the theory that reflexes are the foundation of all physical, cognitive, and emotional development. If reflexes are not fully integrated, it can prevent more mature movement, emotional, and cognitive patterns from developing. In order to reach your highest potential of development, primitive reflexes need to be integrated. For example, the MORO reflex is a protective startle response that all infants are born with. It triggers the babies arms and legs to extend with sudden movement or a loud sound. Over time that fully integrates and the baby is able to be placed down for diaper changes or hear the dog

What is Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)?

Sensory processing describes how you take in information from the environment and your body through your senses. Your brain must register sensations at the correct intensity, send that information to the correct part of the brain to make sense of it, and then act/respond appropriately. For example when you hear a sound, you hear it at the right level and pitch (a loud firetruck siren), send it to the part of the brain that makes sense of the sound (the auditory cortex), and then respond appropriately (pull over to the side of the road). Sometimes information can be interpreted as too intense (hyper-sensitivity), not intense enough (hypo-sensitivity), sent to the wrong processing center of th

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