Join the characters on their journey of social learning
Each book features...


  • A character to relate to for children who struggle with the same social pragmatic issue


  • ​A fun, sweet character to build understanding and acceptance of to children who don't have that same struggle


  • ​An illustration of the consequences of not thinking of others, budging, using your words, or learning how to calm down versus the positive outcome and intrinsic rewards of learning how to


The Sensitive Solutions Children’s Book Series provides an easy way for parents to incorporate social emotional learning into their nightly bedtime routines, a motivating forum for therapists and educators to include social emotional learning into their treatment plans and curriculums, and fun characters that all children can learn from and relate to.  

Learn emotional/self regulation through Ralphie the Rattle Snake who learns how to rest his rattle when he is upset. Learn more...

Learn how to be flexible and budge through Bob the Banana Slug who learns that budging is more fun than doing things the same way over and over again. Learn more...

Learn how to use your words to ask for what you want through Lana the Llama who learns how to say it instead of spraying it. Learn more...

Learn how to think of others' thoughts and feelings through Petey the Puffer Fish who learns how to think with his heart. Learn more...

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