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This education session is designed to help you better understand your child's feelings of angst, worrisome thoughts, and/or controlling behaviors, while creating an individualized home program to manage their anxiety.  Using a combination of SPACE Treatment, behavior management, sensory processing & self regulation, this approach is intended to help give practical and effective strategies to support your child's wellbeing and mental health. 

What this entails:

  • Psycho-education around anxiety in children.

  • Identifying and targeting anxiety accommodations. 

  • Addressing any underlying sensory deficits that could be contributing to anxiety. 

  • Creating playful analogies for your child to better understand their own worries and/or illogical thought patterns. 

  • Behavior reinforcement systems. 

  • Schedule management & re-organization. 

  • A step by step plan of responding to and managing every day anxieties. 

  • A 6-week individualized home program plan. 

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Homework Help

Virtual Consultation Cost: $ 550. The cost includes:

  • 2 meetings (initial consult meeting and follow up meeting to go over home program).

  • A general summary write up.

  • A detailed individualized home program write up.


This services might be reimbursed by your insurance. Call your insurance to see what the out of network reimbursement rate is for CPT code 97165.

How it works:

  • Set up a free phone consultation to see if this type of services is the best fit for your family

  • Schedule a virtual initial consultation. Fill out the forms and upload videos to give the therapist the necessary background information needed, then meet with the therapist to discuss your child, your family's philosophies, what outcomes/goals that you are hoping for, and decide on the initial anxiety accommodation targets. 

  • The therapist will design and send you an individualized home program and a 6-week outline of your anxiety home program.

  • Meet with the therapist to go over findings and individualized strategies. During this meeting you can decide whether or not you would like to meet weekly or bi-weekly to stay on top of the program and guidelines, meet at the end of the 6 weeks, or reach out in the future if you would like to meet. 

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