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Feeding Therapy

Help support your child's feeding needs. This holistic approach encompasses sensory processing, oral motor, and behavior strategies to treat all aspects that could be contributing to feeding deficits. 

Feeding Deficits Addressed:

  • Inability to transition to solids

  • Picky eating

  • Texture aversions and gag responses

  • Rigidity and controlling behaviors around food

  • Poor oral motor strength, techniques, and endurance 

Eating Watermelon
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Virtual Consultation Cost: $ 550. The cost includes:

  • 2 meetings (initial consult meeting and follow up meeting to go over home program).

  • A general summary write up.

  • A detailed individualized home program write up.


This services might be reimbursed by your insurance. Call your insurance to see what the out of network reimbursement rate is for CPT code 97165.

How it works:

  • Set up a free phone consultation to see if this type of virtual program is the best fit for your family

  • Fill out the forms and upload videos to give the therapist the necessary background information needed for an individualized plan.

  • Initial consultation virtual meeting. Following this meeting a findings write up and home program is sent to you within 1-2 weeks.  

  • Meet with the therapist to go over findings and individualized strategies in your feeding home program.

  • Decide whether  bi-weekly or monthly follow ups would be the best model moving forward. 

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