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Service Fees

Initial Online Consultation                                                                              $550

  • CPT billing code 97165



Initial In Person Assessment                                                                          $800

  • CPT billing code 97167


Follow Up Therapy Session (online)                                                              $160

  • CPT billing code 97530

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your services through Insurance? 

Other than Kaiser, we are not in network providers with any insurance; however, most of our services are reimbursable through insurance at an out of network rate depending on your plan and current deductible. 

How do I know if I can be reimbursed for your services? 

We recommend calling your insurance and asking what their out of network reimbursement rate is for the CPT code listed with the service that you are interested in.  
How do you bill?
We send super bills with all necessary billing codes at the end of each month through Quickbooks. You can pay online through direct deposit or mail a check at no additional cost. Paying via credit card or Apple Pay is available per request; however, there will be an additional 3% convenience fee added to your invoice. 

How do we start? 

Start by reaching out to schedule a free phone call. After you speak with the therapist if you decide this is the right service for your family a link will be sent to you where you will create an account, schedule your initial consultation, and fill out the necessary intake forms.  

Our child already had an OT Evaluation...Do I have to start with an assessment or consultation still? 

If your child already had an OT Evaluation, then you could start with a treatment session versus a consultation, as long as it was completed within the past 12 months. 

We have Kaiser, can we see you in network? 

We are Kaiser vendors and can only see clients with prior approval and a valid occupational therapy authorization. Kaiser completes initial evaluations and if your child qualifies for services you can choose Sensitive Solutions from their vendor list to work with for on-going virtual treatment sessions.  

We are located out of California, can we still work with you?
Unfortunately only California residents can be treated due to licensing requirements. Sensitive Solutions is in the process of developing online courses that parents from around the country will have access to, to help support their child's needs. To receive announcements on when that content is available please sign up to join our mailing list below.  

Can we see you in person?
In person full occupational therapy assessments are offered on a very limited basis. Most follow up appointments are done virtually; however, there is very limited availability for some in person follow ups. 

Do you work directly with our child or with us?
Most services are parent consult only where the child does not need to to be presentOccasionally when direct virtual services are indicated we will work directly with your child for follow up sessions. 

How can you advise me on my child's needs without meeting him or her in person?
Through detailed questionnaires, online assessments, parent interview, and uploaded videos, we are able to gain a strong foundation of your child's current development, strengths, and needs in order to consult with you and provide home programs. If in person therapy is indicated, this will be advised during the free phone consultation and referrals can be provided. 

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