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The Senstive Solutions Curriculum

The Sensitive Solutions Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum is a unique motivating style of learning that bases building skill on moving your body, learning by doing, and play.  


A step by step guide to teach verbal negotiation, emotional regulation, flexibility, and empathy in a fun and motivating way through art projects, sensorimotor games, and accompanying worksheets. Can be used in the classroom, in group settings, or during individual treatment sessions.


Curriculum includes:

  • 5 parent handouts (Describes each social-emotional learning concept and strategies to generalize teachings to home)

  • 20 worksheets directly related to the social lessons of each book

  • 32 lesson plans to teach social skills in a hands-on way through art projects & sensorimotor games

Ideal for all children ages 3-7, who could benefit from social-emotional learning.

The titles of the books are all catchphrases that can be used as easily understood and motivating prompts when incidences naturally arise.

Each book and accompanying worksheet help teach complex social-emotional concepts in a fun, non-direct way through friendly characters who are easy for all children to  relate to.

Sensorimotor games and art projects allow for hands-on and motivating learning through play.

Each social-emotional skill is easily reinforced through the simple task of reading.

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