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Emotional Regulation

Meet Ralphie the rattlesnake, the jokster of the town who has a hard time controlling his emotions and causes a ruckus with his rattle when he is upset. Join him as he learns some magic tricks to rest his rattle, so that he can keep telling his jokes and playing with his pals. The story is written in a motivating way to provide an example and a character to relate to for children who need to learn to control their emotions as well. Great for children with high functioning autism, sensory processing disorders, or just those that need a little help resting their rattles throughout the day.



In addition to providing greater understanding to children who don't struggle with emotional regulation issues, this book uses scientifically based mindfulness and sensory integration techniques to promote emotional/self regulation strategies to those that do.  Teaches children to identify the difference between a resting, rumbling, and ruckusing rattle and which "magic tricks" they can use to help calm their own rattles down in order to help them develop their own coping strategies to "rest their rattle."

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