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Empathy Building

Meet Petey the puffer fish who forgets to think about his pals' thoughts and feelings. Join him as he learns that thinking with his heart is so much more fun and helps his pals want to play with him. The story is written in a motivating way to provide an example and a character to relate to for children who need to learn to think about others' thoughts and feelings too. Great for children with high functioning autism, sensory processing disorders, or just those that need a little help thinking with their hearts too.




Through several behavior scenarios, this book illustrates the consequences of not thinking of others versus the positive outcomes and intrinsic rewards of being empathetic. Children who naturally think of others' thoughts and feelings will gain a greater understanding of the children who need a little extra help doing so. Alternatively, children who could benefit from learning how to be more empathetic will have a fun character to relate to in Petey who can help show them how to think with their hearts too!


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