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Meet Bob the banana slug who is rigid in his routines and always makes sure that Slug Slide, Slime Splash, and Mud Pie Gobble stay the same. Join him as he learns that being flexible and budging is more fun than doing things the same way over and over again. The story is written in a motivating way to provide an example and a character to relate to for children who need to learn to budge too. Great for children with high functioning autism, sensory processing disorders, or just those that need a little help budging throughout their day too.



Through several behavior scenarios, this book illustrates the consequences of being inflexible versus the positive outcomes of budging. Children who don't need help budging will gain a better understanding of the children who do, while children who need help budging will have a fun character to relate to in Bob. Let Bob help those little ones understand the difficult concept of inflexibility and give them a new, fun term of "budging" to help them learn to be less rigid in their routines throughout the day.


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