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General OT & Development

Mother and Baby on Floor

Virtual Consultation Cost: $ 550. The cost includes:

  • 2 meetings (initial consult meeting and follow up meeting to go over findings and home program).

  • A general summary write up.

  • A detailed individualized home program with developmental activities to help your child meet their potential. 


This service might be reimbursed by your insurance. Call your insurance to see what the out of network reimbursement rate is for CPT code 97165.

Optimize My Child's Development


This consultation is geared towards parents of children ages 0-5 who are looking for ways to maximize their child's developmental potential.  After consulting with the therapist you will have a better understanding of your child's developmental path as well as guidance on ways to help your child reach their potential.  Appropriate for...


  • Sensory Processing concerns

  • Infants born prematurely 

  • Developmental milestone questions or delays

  • Balance, coordination, and/or body awareness deficits

  • Decreased independence in self-care skills (self-feeding, cup-drinking, dressing, grooming, teeth-brushing)


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