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Build Social Emotional Learning & Self Regulation

We firmly believe that in this day and age social emotional learning should be a basic part of every child's education to create a more compassionate and connected community.


The social emotional learning and empathy building promoted through the Sensitive Solutions Curriculum and children's books are important concepts for all children to learn, and especially helpful for children with sensory processing disorder, high functioning autism, Aspergers, and other ​non-diagnosed communicative disorders. Occupational and behavioral therapies are combined to provide a holistic approach integrating sensory integration and cognitive-behavioral based strategies.

Start Social Emotional Learning Early through Hands-on Learning

We firmly believe that social emotional learning from an early start has the potential to produce the greatest amount of change. This is founded on the science of neuroplasticity with the first years of life showing the greatest capacity for growth. The key to dealing with bullying, social isolation, and lack of acceptance is not late intervention, but rather prevention when the brain is the most susceptible for learning. Prevention in the form of social emotional learning to build compassion, empathy, awareness, emotional connectivity, and to give tools for emotional regulation.


Promote Acceptance through Understanding & Relatability

Sensitive Solutions strives to create a more accepting classroom in several ways:


  • Promote social emotional learning and empathy in the classroom as a tool for teachers to address bullying, differences, and social pragmatics.

  • Create understanding of and relatability to characters in children's books that struggle with their own differences.

  • Provide ways for children to relate to their peers who have more difficulty with emotional regulation. Now rather than being feared, the class will understand that, that child just needs to rest his or her rattle and then they can play together again.

Support Parents & Encourage Children to Learn Through Play

In the balancing act of having a family in this day and age, we strive to provide tools to parents that can be easily implemented into their daily routines. What easier way to teach your child important social emotional learning concepts than in the nightly routine of reading stories? 

Of course we incorporate hands-on learning because it has been proven to be the most effective way of learning, but we also think it is the most fun way of learning!  Children's books and accompanying activity guides teach these concepts in a motivating, fun, and non-direct way where social emotional skills are reinforced through play.

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