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   Sensitive Solutions offers a wide range of services for children, teens, families, therapists, & educators.

Private Occupational Therapy

Clinic based and in-home pediatric occupational therapy services. Utilize programs such as the SOS Approach to Feeding, Therapeutic Listening, Astronaut Training, Handwriting Without Tears, Reflex Integration, and the Sensitive Solutions Curriculum to help address functional life skills.

Mightier Therapy for Emotional Regulation

An evidenced-based bio-feedback program in a video game format for children ages 5-12 to promote improved emotional regulation and coping strategies. 

Mindfulness & Emotional Regulation Therapy

Therapy for pre-teens & teens that promotes the mind body connection and self-regulation through yoga, mindfulness exercises, positive psychology activities, and exploring a variety of coping strategies.

Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum

Children's book series for parents and professionals, and an accompaning social-emotional curriculum for teachers and therapists to use in school and clinical settings. 

Social Emotional Skills Groups

Motivating play groups for children that promote empathy, teach social flexibility, encourage appropriate verbal negotiation skills, and build emotional regulation skills. 

Groups for children with limited diets to encourage a more positive experience with food and to ultimately expand a child's diet.

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