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Getting Children Movement

Living through "shelter in place" means we have to get creative in meeting our children's movement needs. Various studies have shown just how important movement is for brain development, learning, mood, language development, self-regulation, and academic achievement. While some people are lucky enough to be able to get outdoors, others have limited outdoor space and the weather may not always allow for outdoor time.

Try to build in either outdoor time or indoor movement time at least 3 times per day. Here are some activity ideas to get that much needed movement in!

  • Movement Songs (Hokey Pokey, Head-Shoulders-Knees-& Toes, 5 Little Monkeys, 5 Little Speckled Frogs, Ring Around the Rosie, Motor Boat, Here We Go Looby Loo, etc.)

  • Dance Parties

  • Fort Building & Climbing

  • Obstacle Course Making

  • Tape down paper plates as jumping courses

  • Use blue tape to tape down a balance line

  • Stack cushions to jump/climb across

  • Have them try it side ways, backwards, and forwards

  • Freeze Tag & Regular Tag

  • Hide and Seek Chase

  • Simon Says with Extra Movement

  • Blanket or lycra swing swinging

  • Have 2 adults hold opposite ends of the blanket while swinging a child inside

  • Hang an aerial yoga hammock or sensory lycra swing from the ceiling for your child to swing in (make sure it can be detached or hung up out of a child's reach as a safety precaution.

  • Blanket Drag. Have your child lay on a blanket and pull them across the floor on it.

  • Stuffed Animal Pop Ups--all hold on to a blanket topped with stuffed animals. Pop it up to the sky on the count of 3 and race to go grab the animals.

  • Family Animal Pose Yoga

  • Animal Walk Races. Try bear, dog, snake, frog, and bunny animal races across the house.

  • Run & Jump High Fives. Have your child run and jump to give you a high five. Make it progressively harder by lifting your hand higher or asking them to do a trick before "spin, then jump, then high five me."

  • Tape blue painting tape across a room in multiple ways and have your child try to get to the other side without touching the tape

  • And of course get outside when you can

Here is a list of my favorite indoor movement games

  • Yogarilla (Super Duper Publications)

  • Twister

  • Cat In The Hat I Can Do That

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