Social groups provided in clinical settings to help build emotional regulation, verbal negotiation, flexibility, empathy, and confidence for early learners (pre-k) and early-elementary learners (kindergarten through third grade).  Social-emotional skills are taught through hands-on, fun, motivating play. Parents are provided with a new language and powerful tools to promote improved regulation and social-emotional skills at home. 

  • 60 minute weekly group for a 14-week series 

  • 1:3 teacher, student ratio with max class size of 6

  • Each group includes circle time, sensorimotor game, and art activity that foster the social-emotional learning concept

  • Every family is provided with the Sensitive Solutions children's book series to reinforce social-emotional learning at home

Ages 4-6: Thursdays at 4pm

Next Group Series: January 9th-April 9th, 2020

Refunded for up to 2 missed groups due to sickness/vacation  (2 max)

For more information or to register for our next Social Skills Group  please email 

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