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Home Emotional Regulation Plan

Help support your child's ability to calm down when they are angry or upset.  Using a framework that encompasses behavior, neurology, and play-based learning, the goal is to create a home emotional regulation plan that fits into your family's belief systems, parenting philosphies, and lifestyle.  For children ages 0-12.

What the plan may entail:

  • Coming up with individualized analogies to help your child understand how their body reacts to stress.

  • Sensory processing strategies to help address any underlying sensory needs that result in poor emotional regulation (i.e. being bothered by stimulus they are more sensitive to that makes them feel more on edge or not feeling a sensation well enough that results in not feeling grounded in their body).

  • Reflex Integration exercises to help get out of protective responses. 

  • Core strengthening to improve postural stability and parasympathetic nervous system responses through promoting deeper diaphragm breathing throughout the day. 

  • Coping strategy building: To help your child discover what strategies and techniques they can use to alleviate stress and calm.

  • Behavior reinforcement systems. 

  • Schedule management & re-organization. 

Rock Balancing
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How it works:

  • Set up a free phone consultation to see if this type of home program is the best fit for your family

  • Schedule a virtual initial meeting. Fill out the forms and upload videos to give the therapist the necessary background information needed then meet with the therapist to discuss your child, your family's philosophies, and what outcomes/goals that you are hoping for.

  • The therapist will design and send you an individualized home program. This may include sensory diets, behavior approaches, incentive plans, and/or exercise videos.

  • Meet with the therapist to go over findings and individualized strategies in your home emotional regulation plan. During this meeting you can decide whether or not you would like to continue monthly or bi-monthly consultation services or continue with the plan without scheduling follow up sessions. 

Virtual Consultation Cost: $ 500. The cost includes:

  • 2 meetings (initial consult meeting and follow up meeting to go over home program).

  • A general summary write up.

  • A detailed individualized home program write up.


This services might be reimbursed by your insurance. Call your insurance to see what the out of network reimbursement rate is for CPT code 97165.

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