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Verbal Negotiation

Meet Lana the llama who forgets to use her words when she wants something and sprays it instead of saying it. Join her as she learns that using her words helps others know what she wants so that she can get what she wants! The story is written in a motivating way to provide an example and a character to relate to for children who need to learn to use their words as well. Great for children with high functioning autism, sensory processing disorders, or just those that need a little help remembering to say it too.





Through several behavior scenarios, this book illustrates the consequences of not using your words versus the positive outcomes of using your words to ask for what you want. Children who don't need help with verbal negotiation will gain a better understanding of the children who do, while children who need help using their words will have a fun character to relate to in Lana. Let Lana help teach children how to "say it" instead of grabbing, hitting, or crying when they want something, so that others will actually know what they want.


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