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Sensitive Solutions

Individual Home Programs

& Parent Consultation 


Sensitive Solutions provides individualized home programs to address anxiety, emotional regulation, and sensory processing. It is our vision to help parents gain the power, resources, and strategies necessary to be able to support their child through virtual assessments, consultations, and individualized step by step home programs. 

Occupational therapy is founded on the idea of healing through "doing." It is my goal as an occupational therapist to give you concrete, functional, and "doable" strategies that are easily incorporated into your life to help your child live more fully. Whether this means helping your child overcome the school refusal anxiety that starts your day with a fight and shifts the mood of your entire day or giving your family the necessary action plan around big feelings to limit reactivity and promote resiliency. 

The Approach 

Using a combined approach of neurology, behavior, and family-centered care, the ultimate goal is a concrete home program that can help you address your child's needs while simultaneously aligning with your family's values, beliefs, and routines. 


Through questionnaires, a virtual meeting, and video/report review, a home program will be designed that may include:

  • Schedule Modifications

  • Specific Exercises & Home Activities

  • Target Behavior Breakdowns 

  • Language to Use 

  • Behavior Charts & Plans

  • Weekly Step by Step Homework

After the initial meeting and home program review, depending on your child's needs, continued consultation is an option. There is never any pressure around continuing care and the home program in and of itself is intended to be effective and give strategies without more sessions. 

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