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"I truly believe that Lexi was born to be on OT. She was the first OT that worked with my son beginning at age 2, and it is not an understatement to say she brought him back to us. She is an expert in sensory issues and was collaborative in her process with us as parents. We are so fortunate to have met Lexi, and our son benefited tremendously from her services and her heart."

-Becca D.

"Lexi is a warm hearted educator who is truly invested in the progress and development of every kiddos that she sees. We were privileged to have had her for my son, then my daughter, and her sessions were incredibly helpful for all three of us! After our very first session with my son, she was able to connect with him, teach him a new skill (hand over hand), and even get him to eat a new food! With her positive and patient approach, Lexi is a wonderful occupational therapist. We are so grateful to have had her for both of my kiddos and highly recommend her as a resource and therapist for any child that may need services in various areas of developmental support."

-Nona M.


“Lexi is an amazing OT. She worked with my son for about a year helping him get over sensory issues and feeding difficulties. She is patient, creative, and bonds with the kids. She gave us techniques to use at home as well as in sessions. Lexi did not just recite methods, she understood my son and found the best techniques. We love lexi. My son started saying “bye lexi, love you” when she left.”

-Victoria B.


"Lexi was recommended to us by our developmental pediatrician to help with sensory issues, including extreme picking eating.  We had been working with another OT without a lot of progress on the sensory issues. 
Lexi has been amazing to work with and has really helped our family.  My son used to refuse to eat anything at a restaurant which was very limiting on our lifestyle.  He also was down to about 10-12 items he'd eat.  She was able to work with my son to get him to understand pasta tastes the same even if it looks different, is served on different plates, or is served in a different setting.  It seems like a small thing, but it was life changer.  My son now says, "it tastes the same but looks different" on all sorts of foods.  From there, we've been able to make more progress and get him on a good day willing to try a bite of something new.  She's helped us expand his diet in a caring and compassionate way.  She's also a great resource for parents.  Lexi has helped coach me and provide a concrete action plan for addressing my son's sensory challenges.  She's supported me over the phone and via email and I've seen concrete results working with her.  I've also always felt good about what we are doing and not applying shame or lots of pressure/coercion.  Her methods work and her caring and compassion is excellent."

-Liz P.

"Lexi is an exceptional OT. She worked with my oldest son starting when he was 2.5 years old - helping us with sensory challenges, focus issues, self-help skills, and encouraging communication and engagement. We were lucky enough to get to work with her directly for almost three years. In addition to being a dedicated OT, Lexi is a great person. She is kind, compassionate, and caring. She brings these wonderful qualities to her work and her clients (and their families) benefit! Lexi has been a wonderful resource for me as a parent to two children with special needs. She's always willing to answer questions and problem solve with me.  Lexi also worked with my youngest son for a few months - though was happy to give me advice about any concerns I had prior to him qualifying for OT services. Both of my sons now works with an OT, Chrissy, who works for Lexi at Sensitive Solutions. Chrissy is also great and we are so glad to get to stay connected with Lexi and Sensitive Solutions!"

-Amy F.

"Lexi is a truly skilled OT.  She worked with my son from age 1.5-3 and helped me come up with customized plans and protocols for my son's needs.  She nimbly adjusted and sent me follow up readings. She made a few books for us previewing transitions that we knew were going to be challenging.  She is a wonderful creative problem-solver.  I even asked her to train my nanny so we could all be on the same page.  My son adores her and feels so confident in his abilities and progress through her work with him. We couldn't be more grateful for the progress we've seen through her diligent help for us all."

-Jane B.

"If you are looking for a group of caring therapists who truly have your child and families interest as their priority, Sensitive Solutions is the place! I came to Lexi very worried  and not knowing how to help my daughter who was having extreme meltdowns, picking her eye lashes and eye brows, bed wetting, and hiding under her desk at school.  During the initial assessment and the weekly/biweekly sessions she not only connected with and clued into what my daughter needed, but also taught me so much about sensory processing and what my daughter's specific difficulties were.  The strategies were accessible for my families daily routine and worked SO AMAZING! I am forever grateful for Lexi and the incredible impact she has had on my daughter and my family."


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